Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals


Chennai Super Kings won by 8 runs


Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals

Match Highlights

I hope you have seen the above Highlights of the match between CSK & RR and RR won the Match and choose to Ball first, But CSK won the match.

MS Dhoni’s Luck and Performance was Outstanding.

Bravos Tight Overs Made them win the match.CSK had a great Fielding.

For RR the ONE-Man Show was Ben Stokes Who was Playing to win.

Sanju Samson the Player Who Performed great in the previous match didn’t perform well but he completed his IPL 2000 runs in this match.

Is Ajinkya Rahane Worth the captaincy?.

Let’s Get Started!!

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super king won this match with the great efforts of MS Dhoni and his team. They were to bat first.

CSK played very Aggressively. They were going for runs By striking Sixes and Fours rather than wasting the Overs.

You can see Each player Runs Below.

Now let’s Talk about Things that Made CSK Win.

MS Dhoni At Fire!!

MS Dhoni Completed his Half-Century During this match. He is Known As Captain Cool For the Indian team, But that was not the case in this IPL Match. After the Wicket of Kedar Jadhav MS Dhoni was on the field to Donate the Balls to the Audience in the Stadium.

He made 75 Runs in 46 Balls he stroked 4 Fours and 4 Sixes, Which were amazing.

You Can Watch them Below.

MS Dhonis 4 Fours 4 Sixes


During the Batting of MS Dhoni, even the Bails refused to fall. You can see the video Below.

MS Dhoni’s Luck

 Ravindra Jadeja’s Landing Catch

During the Deepak Chahar’s Over  Ajinkya Rahane came On the Field to bat But sadly Because of Ravindra Jadeja and his Spectacular Catch he has to leave the Field.

The Catch Was Too Difficult to catch and it was also Verified By the Third Umpire, To see whether the ball touched the ground before landing Jadeja’s hands.

Here’s the Video of One of the Best IPL Catch By Ravindra Jadeja

Dwayne Bravo’s Last Tight Over

CSK decided to Hand over the last Overs to Dwayne Bravo. It was the Game-Changing Decision for CSK.

Bravo took the Wicket of Ben Stokes who was creating a problem for CSK By striking Fours and Sixes.

Here’s the video of Ben Stokes Wicket by Dwayne Bravo.

Ben Stoke’s wicket


dwayne Bravo’s Last Over


BroMance Between Jadeja and Raina


Rajasthan Royals

RR to played well But were Not Better than CSK to win the match.

Best Performers From the RR were Jofar Archer who scored 24 Runs from 11 Balls and Ben Stokes who scored 46 Runs from 26 Balls.

Jofar Archer’s super striker of match

ben stoke’s Fours and sixes

Ben Stokes played to win but he didn’t have the consistency so his wicket was taken by Bravo

Is Ajinkya Rahane Worth The Captaincy?

We are here to discuss Weather Ajinkya Rahane is worth the Captaincy for Rajasthan Royals in this IPL Season?

During this IPL Season, Ajinkya Rahane has not been Performing well and handling his Captaincy for his team. We all have seen his performance in the previous IPL matches.

He has recorded as the third highest Ducks (Batsman who gets out without making a single run! )in IPL Matches.

Let’s have a look at  Ajinkya Rahane performed yesterday




Date Time League Season Match Day
March 31, 2019 8:00 pm Indian Premier League 2019 Sunday


TeamRun RateMan Of The MatchRunsWickets LostOversBPOutcome
Chennai Super Kings8.75MS Dhoni1755202Win
Rajasthan Royals8.351678200Loss

Chennai Super Kings

Batting Position B R 4s 6s SR
Ambati RayuduBatsman🏏810012.50
Shane WatsonAll-Rounder🏏⚾131311100.00
Suresh RainaBatsman🏏323641112.50
Kedar JadhavBatsman🏏3820266.66
MS DhoniBatsman🏏467544163.04
Dwayne BravoAll-Rounder🏏⚾162731168.75
Ravindra JadejaAll-Rounder🏏⚾3801266.66
Deepak ChaharBowler⚾00000
Shardul ThakurBowler⚾00000
Mitchell SantnerAll-Rounder🏏⚾00000
Imran TahirBowler⚾00000
Total 1201751481090.11

Did not bat: Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Mitchell Santner, Imran Tahir

Bowling Position Econ O W R DB
Deepak ChaharBowler⚾4.75421912
Shardul ThakurBowler⚾10.5042428
Mitchell SantnerAll-Rounder🏏⚾13.0020263
Ravindra JadejaAll-Rounder🏏⚾11.5020231
Imran TahirBowler⚾5.7542238
Dwayne BravoAll-Rounder🏏⚾8.0042329
Total 53.520816541

Rajasthan Royals

Batting Position B R 4s 6s SR
Ajinkya RahaneBatsman🏏20000.00
Jos ButtlerBatsman🏏761085.71
Sanju SamsonBatsman🏏1081080.00
Rahul TripathiBatsman🏏243951162.50
Steve SmithAll-Rounder🏏⚾30282093.33
Ben StokesAll-Rounder🏏⚾264613176.92
Krishnappa GowthamAll-Rounder🏏⚾8901112.50
Jofra ArcherAll-Rounder🏏⚾112412218.18
Shreyas GopalAll-Rounder🏏⚾30000.00
Jaydev UnadkatBowler⚾00000.00
Dhawal KulkarniBowler⚾00000
Total 120167117929.14

Did not bat: Dhawal Kulkarni

Bowling Position Econ O W R DB
Dhawal KulkarniBowler⚾9.25413712
Jofra ArcherAll-Rounder🏏⚾4.25421713
Ben StokesAll-Rounder🏏⚾10.0031307
Shreyas GopalAll-Rounder🏏⚾7.6630235
Krishnappa GowthamAll-Rounder🏏⚾6.5020134
Jaydev UnadkatBowler⚾13.5041545
Total 51.1620517446