Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals is a franchise cricket team in Indian Premier League represent place Jaipur , Rajasthan in country India . Rajasthan Royals team founded in 2008.

Rajasthan Royals estimated brand value is $43 million (Rs 290 crore).

If IPL is new for you then it could be possible you will confuse with Rajasthan Royals's short name RR.

Indian Premier League
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019

Rajasthan Royals Player List 2019

PlayerPositionCurrent Price ( ₹ )
indAjinkya RahaneBatsman🏏4 Cr
indAryaman BirlaAll-Rounder🏏⚾30 Lacs
ausAshton TurnerAll-Rounder🏏⚾50 Lacs
engBen-Stokes-minBen StokesAll-Rounder🏏⚾12.50 Cr
indDhawal KulkarniBowler⚾75 Lacs
nzlIsh SodhiBowler⚾50 Lacs
indJaydev UnadkatBowler⚾8.40 Cr
wifJofra-Archer-minJofra ArcherAll-Rounder🏏⚾7.2 Cr
engJos-Buttler-minJos ButtlerBatsman🏏, Wicketkeeper🧤4.4 Cr
indKrishnappa GowthamAll-Rounder🏏⚾6.2 Cr
gbrLiam LivingstoneAll-Rounder🏏⚾50 Lacs
indMahipal LomrorAll-Rounder🏏⚾20 Lacs
indManan VohraBatsman🏏20 Lacs
wifOshane ThomasBowler⚾1.10 Cr
indPrashant ChopraBatsman🏏20 Lacs
indRahul TripathiBatsman🏏3 Cr
indRavindra JadejaAll-Rounder🏏⚾7.6 Cr
indRiyan ParagAll-Rounder🏏⚾11 Cr
indSanju SamsonBatsman🏏, Wicketkeeper🧤8 Cr
indShashank SinghAll-Rounder🏏⚾4 Cr
indShreyas GopalAll-Rounder🏏⚾3 Cr
indShubham RanjaneAll-Rounder🏏⚾7 Cr
ausSteve SmithBatsman🏏12.5 Cr
indStuart BinnyAll-Rounder🏏⚾50 Lac
indSudhesan MidhunAll-Rounder🏏⚾50 Lacs
indVarun AaronBowler⚾2.4 Cr

Rajasthan Royals Logo, Motto & Theme Song

Rajasthan Royals Logo

Rajasthan Royals-logo

The Rajasthan Royals team's will continue to sport the basic colors of Blue and Gold from the old . But the lion buglers would be more prominent and the Rajasthan Royals symbol larger than the previous size. The new re-emphasizes the strategic intent of the RR (Rajasthan Royals).

Rajasthan Royals song

"Phir Halla Bol" is the current theme song of Rajasthan Royals team.

Rajasthan Royals official color

Rajasthan Royals official colour is Blue and Gold.

Rajasthan Royals dress

The new RR utilizes the old royal blue palette. Similar to its previous counterparts. It reminds the fans of the team they support and the quality that RR represents – Royalty. It also has 2 gold colored lions adorning the frontal half of the . Which represent the royalty and rich cultural of Rajasthan. The new feature on the is the quirky handlebar moustache on the back of the , below numbers.

Rajasthan Royals official website

Rajasthan Royals official website is https://www.rajasthanroyals.com/ .

Primary and Secondary Home Ground

Sawai Mansingh Stadium

sawai-mansingh-stadium-rr-ipl The Sawai Mansingh Stadium is home ground of Rajasthan Royals, in IPL. This Stadium is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Sawai Mansingh Stadium is owned by Rajasthan State Sports Council. Sawai Mansingh Stadium was opened on 1969. The capacity of this stadium is around 30,000.

Rajasthan Royals captain, icon, leading run scorer & wicket taker

Currently Ajinkya Rahane is Rajasthan Royals captain.

In team leading run scorer is Ajinkya Rahane and Dhawal Kulkarni is a leading Wicket taker.

Sponsors and Partners

Currently are a principal sponsor whose logo display on front and back of Rajasthan Royals jersey.

There are many associate partner of Rajasthan Royals team. Associate partners logo display on Arms and top of chest. You can see Red Bull, JK Lakshmi Pro + Cement, KEI Wires & Cables, logos on chest and arms.

There are official partners whose brand logos display on helmets, caps, pants. Alcis Sports, are official partners of Rajasthan Royals.

Season wise important player

Season wise important player list

History of Franchise

In September 2007, BCCI announced the establishment of IPL (Indian Premier League). BCCI unvelied the owners of 8 based franchises.

The Jaipur franchise was sold to the Emerging Media for $67 million (Rs 460 crore).