Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings


Chennai Super Kings won by 6 wickets


The match was between DD And  CSK & it was at the Home Ground of Delhi, Which was an advantage for DD as they have their more fans in their home stadium.
The lucky Team to win the toss was DD who choose to Bat First.
With a Great Spirit, DD player Prithvi Scored the first four in the first Over on the ball of Thakur, again in the second Over Dhawan struck four on the ball of D Chahar Which went Behind The Boundry besides MS Dhoni.
Being too excited to Hit the Boundry Prithvi was Catch Out by the ball of D Chahar in the fourth Over.
Being a Senior Player Dhawan continued to lead the score and in the 5th Over he again Directed the ball between the CSK Players to hit the Boundary on the ball of Harbhajan DD supporters Were Showing Their Excitement on each Ball across the boundary.
After the wicket of Prithvi, Shreyas was on the field & by understanding the game and taking his time after 2 overs he Started to show his true colors by Hitting a great Six on 9th over on the ball of Thir.
Unluckily Shreyas was LBW Out In the 11th over the partnership of Shreyas & Dhawan was less than 50 which was 43 runs off 42 balls.
After Shreyas Pant was on the field and he hit the ball besides Harbhajan which crossed the boundary and it was a Four in 12th Over.
Again Pant scored Four By hitting the ball Behind which went beside the MS Dhoni and crossed the Boundry in 13th over on the Ball of Bravo, Bravo was quite tensed because it was his first ball.
Now On the ball of Harbhajan Dhawan Slammed the ball in 15th over which went above the Boundry and it was a Six.
But sadly in the same Over Pant Was catch out On the Ball of Bravo.
Again in the same 15th over Ingram Was Catch Out after playing his 1st ball On the Ball Of Bravo, Bravo was Celebrating his Wicket By His Crazy Dance Moves.
In 16th over Paul was Bowled By Jadeja At 0 runs.
Dhawan the long Standing Man Was Scoring Runs One BY One, But sadly Bravo Took his wicket In 17th Over.
In the 18th Over Axar Scored 4runs by gapping the ball Between the Fielders and hitting the Boundry On the ball of Thakur.
In 19th over Tewatia Scored Four runs by hitting the Boundry on the ball of the Bravo. DD set the target of 147 Runs to be chased by CSK. CSK Needs 148 to win from 120 balls.
The first partnership is of Watson & Raidu.
Raidu scored four runs on his first ball by gapping the ball between the fielders and making the ball towards the boundary on Ishant’s ball.
In the second over Watson Scored 4 runs by Hitting the Ball above the fielders and made it touch the boundary.
But sadly in the same over Raydu was Catch out, On the ball of Ishant.
In the 3rd over Watson scored 4 Runs by Gapping the ball and making it touch the Boundry, On Rabada’s ball.
Again in the same over Watson Slammed the ball and it flew above the boundary.
In 4th over Raina Scored 12 runs by Hitting hat-trick of fours in same over. Now Raina has Become unstoppable he scored a Four again in 5th over on Rabada’s ball.
After Raina Watson Scored 6 runs by hitting a straight six on Mishra’s ball in 6th over.
Again Watson Placed a Sixer On Mishra’s ball Which was Mind Blowing. Raina & Watson are a great combination in their Partnership. But sadly Watson has to leave the field Because he was stump out in the 6th over.
After Watson Jadhav Scored 4 runs by pulling the gap and touching the boundary.
Raina placed a massive six Right in t the audience in 9th over on Tewathia’s Ball. Jadhav too gapped the ball and scored four in the same over. But in the 10th over Mishra took Raina’s wicket on the 1st ball of the over.
Now the Big Fish is on the field, MS Dhoni he struck Four in 17th over. Again in 18th over MS Dhoni without his Helmet Struck a great Sixer.
Now its 8 runs to win from 8 balls.
But sadly Jadhav Has to leave the field as he was caught out by the wicketkeeper. In the last over Bravo Struck towards the left side and it was a four.
And It Was The Celebration time for CSK !!.



Date Time League Season Match Day
March 26, 2019 8:00 pm Indian Premier League 2019 Tuesday


TeamRun RateRunsWickets LostOversBPOutcome
Delhi Capitals7.351476200Loss
Chennai Super Kings7.62150419.42Win

Delhi Capitals

Batting Position B R 4s 6s SR
Prithvi ShawBatsman🏏162450150.00
Shikhar DhawanBatsman🏏475170108.51
Shreyas IyerBatsman🏏20180190.00
Rishabh PantBatsman🏏132521192.30
Colin IngramAll-Rounder🏏⚾2200100.00
Keemo PaulAll-Rounder🏏⚾40000.00
Axar PatelAll-Rounder🏏⚾9910100.00
Rahul TewatiaBowler⚾91110122.22
Kagiso RabadaBowler⚾00000
Amit MishraBowler⚾00000
Ishant SharmaBowler⚾00000
Total 12047162863.03

Did not bat: Kagiso Rabada, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma

Bowling Position Econ O W R DB
Ishant SharmaBowler⚾9.3331285
Axar PatelAll-Rounder🏏⚾4.00401615
Kagiso RabadaBowler⚾7.093.412610
Amit MishraBowler⚾8.7542359
Rahul TewatiaBowler⚾10.0020203
Keemo PaulAll-Rounder🏏⚾6.6630206
Total 45.8319.4414548

Chennai Super Kings

Batting Position B R 4s 6s SR
Shane WatsonAll-Rounder🏏⚾264443169.23
Ambati RayuduBatsman🏏5510100.00
Suresh RainaBatsman🏏163041187.50
Kedar JadhavBatsman🏏34272079.41
MS DhoniBatsman🏏35322191.42
Dwayne BravoAll-Rounder🏏⚾3410133.33
Ravindra JadejaAll-Rounder🏏⚾00000
Deepak ChaharBowler⚾00000
Shardul ThakurBowler⚾00000
Harbhajan SinghAll-Rounder🏏⚾00000
Imran TahirBowler⚾00000
Total 118150145760.89

Did not bat: Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Harbhajan Singh, Imran Tahir

Bowling Position Econ O W R DB
Deepak ChaharBowler⚾5.00412012
Shardul ThakurBowler⚾9.5020195
Harbhajan SinghAll-Rounder🏏⚾7.50403010
Ravindra JadejaAll-Rounder🏏⚾5.7541238
Imran TahirBowler⚾10.0021203
Dwayne BravoAll-Rounder🏏⚾8.2543338
Total 4620614546